The Workshop Arts and Inspiration

Inspiration always finds new ways to express art with shapes and colors.


La Madhu is an online store that offers artistic products made by skilled hands that work with great attention to detail. We take care of both the quality of the materials and design, maintaining this way, an original and different style.

Many of the pieces that you find in the La Madhu catalog are unique, for each one is treated as a piece of art, there are some others that are produced in small editions and even then, none identical to the another, this guarantees exclusiveness.

Our trends are focused on shapes and colors to evoke nature and its wonderful atmosphere of life, rustic handcrafted and vintage styles that convey a sense of well-being and that is communicating something. The designs of La Madhu Catalog unite the contemporary aesthetics with the centuries-old textiles and Mayan ethnic wood carvings.

The materials used at the workshop are of excellent quality, raw and rustic materials carefully chosen, several of them are recycled objects with a vintage and antique character, which are transformed into beautiful collector’s pieces; different one of the other, they are unique art designs that remind us of other times and other places.

We use materials such as wood, metal, ceramics, paper, fabrics, threads ... as well as paintings, waxes, varnishes ... and everything we can find in the endless path of art creation, full of grace and movement.