La Madhu Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important for us. Please read the following statements.


Privacy Policy

If you should have any questions about 'maintenance and care' for any ordered item, please feel free to contact us any time.

Ordering and Contacting La Madhu Catalog

We collect just the necessary information in order to provide the services and products we offer through our website. This data includes: name, email address, shipping address and telephone number. We may use your contact information to reach you out about your account or to send you basic and key information directly related to the products you are ordering or inquiring about.

When a customer places an order and submits the payment information through our website, this information is processed through our Secure Servers and all data is encrypted, this information remains absolutely private, we cannot see or save any of your payment information, for that is part of our business policy and it is for your own security. Your payment is handled by the payment gateway (when processed by credit card directly or through PayPal).

La Madhu will never rent, share, expose or sell any data related to our clients and subscribers to anyone at any moment and under no-circumstances.

Please note that this ‘privacy policy’ does not apply to third parties, like Amazon Shop or Etsy. Paypal, Etsy or amazon, depending on how or where you submit your order for one of our items, they administer payments and therefore, they apply strong privacy policies in relation to all transactions, we would suggest you to reference to them to learn more about it.

Collected Information

For visitors to our website, our web-servers our customers’ or visitors’ basic ‘web browser info’ (where possible), but no contact or personal information of any kind.

When an order is submitted, we collect personal information such as name, email address, shipping address and payment related information, this information is required to fulfill your order(s).

We collect email address and name when our visitors subscribe to our monthly newsletter.


La Madhu records basic analytics information from your browser related ONLY when visiting our website, this technology is provided by Google Analytics. You are free to opt-out of this information by installing an add-on for this purpose in your browser or by using the ‘incognito mode’ (depends on your browser version). La Madhu uses ‘cookies’, which are very small files of text to store data related and required for our website to work and provide the browsing experience you are looking for.

Shipping Information

Please note that your mailing address and name will be used for ‘Shipping purposes only’ and therefore, shared with the courier company to fulfill your order.

Data Retention

We keep our customer’s order and personal information ONLY for as long as necessary to provide the services offered, also to comply with legal obligations, such as tax purposes.

Customer Rights

You have the right to access your registered personal information (if you have chosen to register an account at La Madhu shop) and edit the information if you wish. If you have not registered, you may request a copy of the data or information we may have stored about you and your order(s).

You have the right to delete your registered account with us. If you have not registered an account, you can also delete any order or personal data we may have of you upon request. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you have the right to unsubscribe at any moment, either by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom on each newsletter message or by sending us to request so.

Please note that this policy could have updates from time to time, if you have not subscribe to our newsletter, we would suggest you to check back at our website periodically.

Thank you !