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Discover La Madhu’s art collection of unique and artistic home decor items, Mayan ethnic textiles, bohemian jewelry, artistic greeting cards and special rare objects. There is nothing more special than giving yourself or your loved one something handmade, for it has personality and feelings in it, it is simply unique.

Using natural materials as well as some recycled ones, the catalog is full of unique artistic item that reflect the passion and personality of the store. Each handmade piece has its own character stamped with art and imagination.

Handcrafted, vintage, bohemian and unique arts
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New Handmade Gifts and Other Arts

Bohemian Ethnic Handmade Fabrics

projecting whatever mood you choose. Your dining chairs and dining table will be the stage where so many beautiful moments play out

Boho handmade fabric bags

handmade boho hand bag, giving a fresh new and different style to your day, a beautiful and colorful design, unique for each item