Primitive Folk Art Wooden Angel Candle-holder

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Lovely and unique Latin American primitive folk art figure. Angel with dark blue shade color dress designed by La Madhu has blended the rustic style of a hand-carved primitive wooden sculpture with modern artistic trend. It has a rustic rusted-metal disc on top as a candle holder. The metal disc has a small pin or nail in the center to hold the candle in place.

Please note that this piece’s wings are not removable, so it has to be shipped in a large box container for protection.

There is a slight wobble at the bottom of this figure, so it is not perfectly level. This item does NOT include the candle. This is basically one of a kind wooden piece.

These are basically one of a kind wooden piece.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials : wood, metal (for the iron nails) and acrylic paints
  • Weight : 249 grams (without packaging)

  • Tall : 25 cm
  • Width : 19.8 cm full width (including the wings wings)
  • Thickness : 10.6 cm (including hands and arms)

Care Recommendation

To remove dust and clean the piece, do not use water or other liquids on the piece of wood, as this could damage the paint. We recommend using wood wax and slightly polish the piece to keep it protected and maintain its shine, doing this once every 4 months or so.


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