Carved Wood Saint Niño Jesus (Little Jesus)

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This gorgeous sculpture, has been hand-carved from a single block of fine antique wood. This rustic and yet amazingly well carved wood sculpture has been skilfully hand painted. This is a delightful piece of rustic art that would look great in your living room, or perhaps in your shrine or home altar.  This figure (sculpture) is a blend of primitive and religious art-style that has developed a very special character and color with the passing of time. 

This DIVINE CHILD JESUS (Divine Child) figure has been made inspired by the miraculous image of the early 20th century, this particular saint was carved around 1960's, originally from Bogotá Colombia. The story tells this image is claimed to have miraculous powers of healing. It is a unique figure of the Child Jesus, standing with open arms that symbolizes love for all.

This piece has to removable parts, which are both hands.

These are basically one of a kind wooden piece.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials : wood and acrylic paints
  • Weight : 988 grams (without packaging)


Tall : 34.5 cm
Width : 25.4 cm
Thickness : 10.6 cm (including the base)

Care Recommendation

To remove dust and clean the piece, do not use water or other liquids on the piece of wood, as this could damage the paint. We recommend using wood wax and slightly polish the piece to keep it protected and maintain its shine, doing this once every 4 months or so.

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